11 Must-Read Books for Marketers and Entrepreneurs

These books are a must-read for a marketer and an entrepreneur who cares about marketing and wants to get better at it.

  1. Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard
  2. Hey, Whipple, Squeeze This: The Classic Guide to Creating Great Ads
  3. Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die
  4. The Practice
  5. Building a StoryBrand: Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen
  6. This is Marketing: You Can’t Be Seen Until You Learn To See
  7. The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing
  8. The Marketing Playbook: Five Battle-Tested Plays for Capturing and Keeping the Lead in Any Market
  9. Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind, How to be Seen and Hear in the Overcrowded Marketplace
  10. Obviously Awesome: How to Nail Product Positioning so Customers Get It, Buy It, Love It
  11. 80/20 Sales and Marketing: The Definitive Guide to Working Less and Making More

Which book will you add to it?

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