Surprisingly Bigger Goals Are Easier

Because setting big goals pushes us to think, explore and find unique ways of doing things.

Back in 2015/16, I had set a big goal of getting 10,000 subscribers for my digital marketing newsletter.

I learned and explored how other people have done it and zeroed in on the idea of creating a free course.

I started by texting my friends. Boni was first to say yes. Thank you, Boni 🙂

Once the idea was validated, I enlisted my friends Prerna, Vidhi, and Vichitra to go wide. Thanks to the magic they unleashed with their outreach, we went past 13k+ subscribers in 59 days.

This was unheard of at that point in time.

A big goal forced us to think of a unique approach to go about it and helped us win big.

So, for a moment put logic aside and think of your wild dreams, pick one and make it your goal for the next year. 

Now go deep and think how you can get to that wild goal while hoping that you’ll do it.

Hope is important because it motivates you to take action.

But always think before taking action because only brute force won’t help accomplish most big goals. Strategic action will.


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