Be flexible and try new things.


Flexible body helps in other parts of life as well.

Do not be fixed in your ways. You will either rot or fall.

Sooner you learn it, better it is. Be like a child who keeps learning new things everyday and be brave enough to unlearn and contradict yourself.

This approach may make you look like naive, but experiencing life to the fullest and living it your way is more important than what others think of you. There are enough people out there who conform to set notions and ways of living life. Good for you if you’re not one of them. Then only real change will happen and the best in you will come out.

I am making a start by writing this really short post (~100 words). This is totally new for me as I normally write very detailed posts. My last one – How to shine like a star – was more than 3000 words.

So what new thing are you going to try this month?

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  1. jigyasa

    Hi Mohit

    This reminds me of my once status message….’Dare to be Naive’…that was about choices and now its about Business…..but I completely agree 🙂


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