BarCampBangalore Update

BarCampBangalore as expected was a success. The pull effect was enough to attract campers from US (Chris Messina, Tara Hunt, Chad Dickerson…), France and closer home from Chennai, Hyderabad (Rajan….), Delhi (Amit Ranjan… ) and Gurgaon (Prashant Singh…).

All credit to Muthu, Jace, Manish, Jessica and folks who catalized the Camp and were on their toes while it was happening.

Tara in her post is all praises for India and its techies.
Rajan’s take on the camp here, here, here and here.
Anita was blogging live at the camp.

Kaustabh and Shreyas presented on their ventures – and

Jayant and friends were talking feedback on

All in all a refreshing experience.


  1. ishan

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