Don’t Court Vanity for Long

There are times in our lives when we want to read 52 books in a year.

Because Warren Buffet reads a lot.

And, he is super-rich and super smart.

I thought of doing that once 🙂

Good, I didn’t.

Because reading 400 pages a day may be good for Warren Buffet not a great idea for most of us, who are yet to do something of substance in our lives.

And, there are those who want to do it because they want to write a year of end blog post about it. There may be some value in it. But there may be better things to do in life.

A smart idea is to listen to or read a book summary. And, then act on key learnings.

And if you find a deep book that you want to read end to end because so many smart people you admire recommended it. And, then make that the only book you read in a quarter or a year.

We can’t get rid of it. Because there is a time in our lives when we are young and naive 🙂 and without that part, life will not be whole.

If you are in that zone now and reading it, don’t stay there for long. Enjoy it and move ahead. Then, seek ‘real’ accomplishments and build a body of work and create a legacy.

Make yourself and those who love you proud 🙂

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