Don’t Take It Easy Regarding Audience Research

The best feedback is what people give you themselves or via the questions they ask.

But this only happens when you run a big business or have a big community.

In the absence of this, the best alternative is to reach out to people and ask them questions.

But the issue there is that people don’t always tell us 100% what they want/need.

Use this understanding when researching your audience.

And talk to 50 people or more, to get a good overview of what they want. 

What one doesn’t tell, others may.

With a small group, you’ll only get the half-truth.

To add another layer to your research, do a virtual safari. 

Check out the online communities where your prospective customers hang out. Make a note of what people are posting in their communities about the problems your product solves.

Having done that, you’ll have an excellent idea of what people want, and you can use those insights to build a product or service that will be easy to sell because you’ll be using the language of people who you’ll be selling to, and solve their exact problems.

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