Ask for Help. It’s a Superpower.

It is the ability to ask for help.

And knowing when to ask for help.

When you acquire this superpower, you’ll stop seeing problems as unique or too difficult to solve. Because what you are struggling with, someone else has already faced and won over.

Timing is important because if you ask for help too late, it won’t help.

For example, if you are running a startup and using online ads to build an audience and acquire customers. Then it is important to ask for help for running ads profitability while you still have cash. Once you run out of it, such advice won’t help.

To build this superpower the first step is to start asking for help soon after you’ve tried doing something yourself. Reach out to those you think can help. Not everyone will step up to help. Those who do, get their help and implement what looks doable.

Do it often and you’ll see yourself winning more often.

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