Are You Growing?

How do you find that?

Ask yourself if you are doing the same thing day after day, that you were doing last year.

If the answer is yes it is likely that you are not growing.

With this understanding do an audit of what you do day to day, and in a week, once or twice every quarter.

At the time of the audit, also ask yourself how comfortable are you in doing what you do?

If the answer is very comfortable then you are not growing for sure.

Because growth happens, when you try out new things.

And when you try out new things there is pain because one takes a while before getting comfortable with something new that they pick.

So be happy when you feel overwhelmed. It means you are stretching yourself and your capabilities.

Use this as an opportunity to grow.

To do that, see why you are feeling overwhelmed. 

Is it because of,

  • Lack of personal efficiency
  • Lack of support
  • Lack of operational efficiency

When you know the reason or reasons for overwhelm, work on fixing them. Like in the scenario above, get a coach to become efficient, hire so that you have support and people you can delegate stuff to, and set up systems, and standard operating procedures (SOP) so that you can remove operational inefficiencies bit by bit.

By doing this, you’ll go from being too overwhelmed to being comfortable.

And, again you’ll be ready to take on new challenges and experience the next level of growth.

It is best to grow with a balance. With a mix of action, one part comfortable action, and one part that gets you out of your comfort zone. This way you are not miserable while you are growing because it’s no fun if growth is all pain.

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