Are you a pro?

proIf  you want to stand apart in your field of choice — business, entertainment, technology, education or anything else; you need to conduct yourself as a pro (professional) and not as an amateur.

A pro is someone who;

  1. is ready to work hard
  2. is comfortable on big stage
  3. is in it for the love of it
  4. shows up every day
  5. prepares for the d-day
  6. seeks expert help where he is lacking
  7. communicates
  8. believes in participation
  9. believes in giving back
  10. believes in healthy competition
  11. believes in getting and giving helps
  12. knows that action speak louder than words
  13. knows that every moment of life is an opportunity to learn
  14. knows that words are powerful and thoughts even more powerful
  15. knows it is important to conduct oneself well
  16. knows that nobody made it alone
  17. knows that it is just a game and we win some and lose some
  18. know that records are to be broken — almost everything can be made better
  19. knows that it may takes time to become really good
  20. knows that battles are won in mind even before one enters the playground
  21. knows how to have fun
  22. knows how to draw a line
  23. knows how to get in zone
  24. works with a  coach or mentor — at times many of them
  25. works with tools that help optimize performance
  26. works with the best tools available and affordable

What are the traits that you already have?

Share your thoughts in comments.

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