What Advice Would I Give My 21-Year-Old Self?

Someone asked ‘What advice would YOU give your 21-year-old self?’

Sharing my reply hoping that you may find it useful.

  1. Dream big dreams.
  2. Act on your instincts.
  3. Help others however best you can.
  4. Seek people who can support and help you.
  5. Live frugally and save most of what you earn.
  6. Don’t waste your time sitting in front of a screen.
  7. Don’t be shy about telling someone you love them.
  8. Live in someplace new where you don’t know anyone.
  9. Focus on earning money more than worrying about status.
  10. Learn every day and master one valuable skill every year.
  11. Read widely and expose yourself to new ideas and perspectives.
  12. Try multiple things in quick succession to find what you truly love.
  13. Travel and experience different cultures to broaden your horizons.
  14. Live in sync with nature and stick to a daily schedule that’s healthy.
  15. Work closely with those who are already doing what you want to do.
  16. Move your body often. Take up one big physical challenge every year.
  17. Make big bets but control your downside so you can afford to take more risks.
  18. Understand the value of good habits and develop such habits and discipline early on.
  19. Connect with one new person every day and meet one interesting person every week.
  20. Prioritize your mental and emotional well-being. Take up meditation or yoga to help with it.
  21. Start a startup and try to grow it seriously. This will be the best business and life education that will stay with you for your life.

Which of these resonated the most with you?

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