Do These 5 Things To Multiply Your Chances of Success

Success is simple if you know the rules.

I can’t claim to know all the rules because I am still on the path but here are 5 things that work when it comes to succeeding at what you do.

Let’s start with the first one.

1) Stay in the Game Long Enough

Because in business, opportunities come to those who are in the game, and if you quit how will you get those opportunities.

Another reason why being in the game long enough matters because opportunities don’t come everyday. And they appear less frequently in the beginning so you gotta do your time in whatever pursuit you choose.

So there is power in being in anything for the long haul and by doing it you improve your chances of winning.

2) Don’t Live in the Default Mode

Most of us live this way.

If you want different results than the most then actively design your life and what you want out of your life.

Don’t eat the food everyone arounds you eats.

Don’t work the hours everyone else does.

Don’t follow those who the crowd follows.

Carve your own path, design your own day and make your own life.

Block time every evening to design the day ahead. Cut out everything that does not move you towards the life you want.

Remember ascending is important but more important than that is ascending the right hill.

3) Learn a Lot and Apply What You Learn.

There are many who read, watch video and take courses for growth.

Not all of them grow because they don’t apply what they learn.

Be different. Don’t just learn, apply.

4) Develop Powerful Habits

Identify what is important for success and then make that thing your habit.

Is it selling? If yes, then make picking the phone, and calling people a habit that you do everyday without thinking.

Is it hosting a webinar? Then practice delivering webinars every day, until it becomes a second nature.

See what habit will power your growth and then start practicing it every day until it becomes a habit.

5) Don’t Create Walls Around You

Continue meeting and helping people.

Even if you are an introvert.

Seek people to help. 

Do it even when you don’t need them or their help.

Because at some point you will need them, and if you don’t know them at that point, you won’t have time to get to know them and you’ll miss out on opportunities that come by way of people.

Helping others is good karma too.

Hope you’ll put these into practice and reap the benefits.

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