Acquisition Channels for Entrepreneurs

There are four basic channels that entrepreneurs can use to acquire customers for their products and services.

Social, direct, SEO and paid (both search and social).

Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s see.

Social. Takes time to grow an audience but once you have it, it can work in your favour. Works well for brand building and also for sales if you are selling a low ticket offer.

SEO. Takes some time to kick in. And, you need to work to retain your rankings but it is scalable and can help you grow your business without additional investments.

Direct. Direct outreach works well if for high ticket sales. Not so much if you are selling a $5-10 product. It is also not scalable unless you hire someone to do it for you.

Paid. By investing in ads you can acquire an audience and customers quickly. But it works well for customer acquisition if you are selling a high priced offer. And it needs both expertise of running ads and investment. 

If you are selling a high ticket product then here is a model you can follow.

Start with direct. Get some sales under your belt.

As soon as you have done this and stabilized delivery of what you sold, 

Start investing some time on creating your brand and community on social media every day.

A month or two in, kickstart your seo efforts.

And, 4th to 6th month onwards when you get a good understanding about the audience who is buying your product, start running ads. Why in 4-6 months? Because usually it takes this much time to get an understanding of your audience, and their buying behavior.

It is important to get this right. Because without it, you will never get return on investment right.

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