Accept The Dip If You Want To Change

I am on day three of following a new sleep and wake up routine.

With it, I have also changed when I eat, and a little bit of what I eat. I am trying to eat while Sun is out in the sky if you are curious.

Like it happens with all types of change, my body and mind have been resisting this change.

This is not new. I have experienced this before.

The effort to get past resistance varies depending on what you are trying to change. But you have to make this effort every time you try to change something.

Then there is the dip which happens when you try to break bad habits. Such a change makes you uncomfortable, bored and takes away the high that you get from a bad habit. This goes for a while before you find happiness in growth.

So for me with my attempted change in routine, my productivity levels are not what they were before I started this routine. They are more like 20%. I have accepted this and I am not fighting it. Because I know this resistance and dip are real.

This change is important enough for me that I am not fighting the dip. I plan to stick with the new routine through the dip until it becomes the new normal. Then it is up to me to decide if it is worth keeping the new normal. But first I need to reach there.

If you trying or planning a new change in your life, know that you’ll be uncomfortable. But don’t play that story in your mind again and again. Promise to yourself that you’ll not resist the dip, and take whatever temporary losses may be there. This will make change less hard, and you will fail less while attempting it.

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