A PERFECT Start to 2006

Anthony Robbins is one of my favorite personal development experts. He is offering a free 18-page workbook The Power of Momentum: 7 Steps to a Fulfilling 2006.

He is also offering another free 3-page booklet titled The Power of Certainty: 5 Steps for turning Dreams into Reality. It should make a good read before you check out the above 7 steps.

Another expert in I admire in this space is Steve Pavlina.

In year 2006 if you want to transform yourself into a healthy, productive and successful human being, Steve’s website has all the information to make it happen. You’ll have to go through the pain of reading slightly longish articles but I am sure it will be worth your time.

Important: Reading is good but be sure to take action on what you learn. ACTION is the keyword here.

So, Good luck and Happy 2006!

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