10 Things To Do To Develop a 10x Mindset

Your mindset defines how far, and how high you go, and how happy you are once you reach there.

  1. Delegate. Get help for everything other than your prime vocation.
  2. Work less. so that you have time to identify opportunities and to leap on them with full focus.
  3. Sleep. For 7-8hours, at the right time, sleeping at 10 pm and 2 am for 8 hours won’t have the same impact on recovery. Sleeping at 10 pm will heal your body more and recharge you better. Prioritize that over wasting time browsing social media and over everything else.
  4. Get a Coach. Learn from someone who has done it before, save time, effort and save yourself the agony that comes as a result of failure.
  5. Increase price. And, see what you can change in your offering to match that high price.
  6. Ride waves. Like doing video, even if you are more comfortable with words. 
  7. Seek discomfort. Sticking to how you do things is comfortable but the growth does not happen when you are comfortable.
  8. Create once, sell twice. Don’t do 1-to-1 work. Create something that you can create once and people can get value from it as and when they want.
  9. Imagine that the impossible is possible. What your mind can conceive it can achieve. So make a plan to achieve in 6 months what you thought would take 10 years.
  10. Learn what has more value. Strategy over tactics. When learning from world-class experts, get them to teach you how to think and understand how first principles thinking and action works. (I thought of writing 10 things, but ended up writing two more that you can see below.)
  11. Invest. In assets and people. And, it will pay huge dividends over time. HubSpot bought The Hustle, a publication with millions of subscribers for $27 million. Now they can upsell their software to The Hustle subscribers.
  12. Start early, finish early. 10x people don’t wait till the last moment to do something. Finish early and then use the rest of the time to polish what you did.

Through this, all, continue learning, applying, measuring, reflecting, fixing, growing, and repeating the cycle. And soon you would have developed a 10x mindset. With this mindset, you will witness 10x or even bigger growth in whatever you do.

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