The Path to 10,000 Books for Non-Fiction and Business Books


Find one person who likes you and sell him a copy. This will get you real feedback. One thing that goes without saying is that you should write a good book worth a reader’s time. This will create word of mouth, and book sales will grow faster than you expect, all organically.


Find your beta readers when the book is ready to be printed. They will tell you what works and what does not and if you need any final updates. You can find anywhere between 10-50 people from this group interested in getting your book.


Ask your beta readers to introduce you to people who’d like to be part of your launch team. This way, you’ll get to another 50 readers of your book.


The next milestone is 1,000 books. It is easier said than done but doable. Start by tapping into your launch team. Get them to post on their social handles about the book with an irresistible offer you’ll share with them. Also, run Amazon ads. If self-publishing, put an infomercial in the middle of your book asking for reviews if they liked it. By the time 1000 copies are sold and enough Amazon reviews there, the book will find its own life.


Continue doing the above. Go on a podcast tour, do partnerships, offer special pricing, and keep doing it until you reach 10,000. Also, continue growing the size of your audience and make one offer related to book every quarter.

Why focus on selling 10,000 books?

It is your job to sincerely get 10,000 people to try the book. 

Exposing 10,000 people who care about the theme of a given book gives it a chance that enough of them will actually read it and then recommend it to someone else. 

Word of mouth will keep the book alive from one year to the next. That’s where successful marketing of a book kickstarts.

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