How to Cope with Startup Life

Entrepreneurial life is about the highest highs and lowest lows.
In the beginning, there will be more lows but this does not mean they’ll go away after you find success and become big. They won’t. Only the type of challenges…

How to Do Well in a New Job

Someone I know recently got into a new job at a large digital agency.
It’s her first leadership role. She wants to do it right and asked for my advice. This is what I told her and will tell you…

How Will Look If It Was Easy?

It is a question we should ask ourselves often.
Because complexity is the enemy of growth.
By asking this question, we allow ourselves to believe there can be an easy way to do things. One that will take less…

Less Maintenance, More Life

Life is for living.
The body is the vehicle that we use to live life.
We can get the most out of life, if this vehicle is in top shape, is efficient, and does not spend too much time slacking…

300 In a Row

This is my 301st blog post in a row, on this blog.
The first one in this streak was on Jan 1st, 2019. I have written and published one new post every day since.
I did not follow any formula.…