Three Productivity Hacks

We often blame our lack of productivity on outside distractions.
Even when we manage to remove all distractions, even when nobody is calling us, when everyone in the world is sleeping, the environment is most conducive to being productive –…

How To Monetise A Website

There are two approaches to make money from your website.
#1 Sell directly to advertisers in your niche.
#2 Partner with a software startup or service-based business that serves the customers similar to those who visit your website.
To make…

A Simple Approach To SEO

Most marketers who are not search focused tend to ignore SEO.
Because they don’t realize how powerful it can be and don’t prioritize time and investment for it.
Even those who do it, think of it as something that can…

Don’t Be Idle

Do you often find yourself complaining that there isn’t enough time in the day to do all that you want to do?
Then you need to audit how you spend time.
And chances are that you’ll find that you are…

Can We Stop Wasting Time?

It is simple. Definitely not easy.
But very effective?
Can we stop wasting time?

Why even think about it?
Because it can change the trajectory of our lives.
And, we can do all that we don’t do and blame it…

Social Media vs SEO

I had a client who faced this dilemma of choosing between social media and SEO.
My advice is to do both when you can.
Because SEO is like the workout you do that makes you fit from inside and increases…

The Content Creator’s Dilemma

Smart creators face this dilemma.
What kind of content should they create?
Based on a topic that is proven to work
Or one that they feel strongly about and one that will help them stand apart.
If you face the…