Musings from a Time Poor World

Human life is about trade-offs.
Trade-offs were simple when our desires were small and we had lots of time on our hands.
But we now live in a world inhabited by time-poor people.
This is not an urban phenomenon, people…

Times Have Changed, Path To Success Has Not

Oscar Wilde, Irish playwright, novelist, and poet, passed away in 1900 in Paris completely bankrupt from paying legal fees for his arrest and imprisonment for the crime of homosexuality.
Vincent Van Gogh, the famed artist died in 1890 having sold…

Troubleshooting Human Life

Clearing your browser’s cache can take care of minor tech issues for your laptop.
If the problem persists, you reboot the device.
Then comes the remote troubleshooting where tech support tells you to press a combination of keys.
If that…

The Juggling Act

I am amazed whenever I watch an expert juggler, juggling different objects like balls, oranges and even stuff like flaming torches.
It is fascinating how they toss stuff into the air and catch it one after another while keeping one…

Habit Anchors

How do you continue taking action on what matters, where you are off-balance when there is chaos?
How do you make sure that you stay on course during such situations?
You lean on a habit anchor.
Like a sea anchor…

Why I Write

Have you asked yourself why you do what you do?
I asked myself why I write and here is the answer that I came up with.
I write because I want to. My writing on my blog does not make…

It’s Ok To Move On

I have seen friends win.
I have also seen them stop chasing their dreams. I see them close their startups, leave their unfinished book inside a folder that they’ll never open, and abandon their YouTube channel.
While I cheer the…

Challenges of the Modern Mind

The modern mind is constantly fighting a battle against information overload.
It is not the mind’s natural state or a natural territory. Even then mind needs to navigate this territory while the person within whom the mind lives, continues to…

Creating Memories Vs Capturing Them

I recently hosted an event and noticed how we care so much about capturing memories, that we don’t immerse ourselves in the experiences that create those memories.
Often times, our intention behind creating certain memories is to just capture them…

Positive Gain

Most of our failures don’t come from not doing what we need to do, but from not doing what is required long enough.
We take 1 step forward, and 2 steps backward.
And are constantly struggling at the bottom rung…