Let the Haters Hate

If you have ever tried to follow your heart,
Do your thing,
Swim against the current, 
You would definitely have had some unwanted advice, some foolish criticism.
Most likely from people who know nothing about what you do.
And, God…

Everyone Is An Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur is someone who sets up a business and takes risks usually financial hoping to make profits out of it.
Then how is anyone who is not setting up a business, an entrepreneur?
You see, the future is ahead…

You Only Need To Be Right Once

Until you are right, be wrong.
There is no other way to grow and innovate.
You can increase your chances of being right by being prepared.
By learning before you attempt something.
By getting people who have walked the path…

Job Search 101

Are you looking for a job?
If yes then here are some basics to help you.
Resume or LinkedIn Profile does not get you a job. It is a tool that helps get your foot in the door.
Job search…

Sales 101

A sale is a transaction of value between two parties.
The party that believes that the value they are offering is more than what they are getting in return has an upper hand in the transaction.
To develop such a…

Creating Work Worth Noticing

The key to getting your work noticed is to produce work worth noticing.
Such work gets people to leave what they are doing to check out what you made.
It makes an impact or at least creates a ruckus.

The Usefulness of Ongoing Projects

Big projects take time and energy.
It is natural to rest after finishing such a project. 
One should definitely do it.
But we should be wary of a short break turning into long periods without another significant project.
It makes…