14 ways to build brands & communities

I have been bringing people together for years. During early teens, we (two close friends and I) started Youth Club as a community building and leadership effort. Since 2005 I have professionally helped build and grow a global community of

What is stopping you?

As kids all of us harbor dream of becoming something – an actor, a pilot, a soldier, a businessman, a model or something. Over a period these dreams take a back seat.
People still dream as they grow may be

Two questions

Ask these two questions and you will spend your time better and get more out of your life.
Why am I doing this?
Is there a better way?
Why am I doing this?…
Ask this question because you are accountable

How do people experience your brand?

Heinrich Engelhard Steinwegestablished his company based on three basic principles: “Build to a standard, not a price”, “Make no compromise in quality”, and “Strive always to improve the instrument”.
Steinway & Sons, the company he founded in 1853 in

Invest and Grow

Invest in books to grow.
Invest what people spend on a restaurant dinner with friends or on a small weekend party. Buy 12 books, all at one go. This is ideal; because later you may be busy; may not get

Angels and Demons

This article is not about “Angels & Demons”, the mystery-thriller by Dan Brown or the 2009 movie of same title directed by Ron Howard.
It is about the Angels and Demons within an individual – that take her towards or …

Keep the momentum going!

Momentum is important.
People leave unfinished projects; because momentum is lost. Many of these projects hold a lot of promise.
Why one loses momentum?  Because boredom sets in, life takes over and the original plan is no longer viable.  You

Stop leakage for growth

(Big Idea: Double growth | same effort)…
Businesses and people discuss growth – in formal meetings and casual conversations. Rare are the instances when a discussion about fixing leakages in a company comes up. No it is not about the

How to overcome a challenge?

Life brings up surprises – pleasant and not so pleasant.
Pleasant ones are always welcome. Here we are discussing how to tackle not so pleasant ones. The challenges can be of different types. A job loss, getting into a new

Create a successful business

A business is made up of an offering – product or  service and people – employees and customers.… Add variables like time and money and you have a recipe for success or failure.
To create a success you need to

What is a business?

It is an opportunity – to make money, serve people, connect, make a mark, make a difference
It can help you achieve name, fame by being in the game
It is filling a gap in the market
It is me-too

How to engage people?

Engagement builds and nurtures relationships.
Let us explore how individuals can engage people they interact with during meetings, at work or home. These are no tricks just some core ideas that have the potential of creating a solid foundation for

Big is powerful

Small is beautiful but big is powerful.
Through the lines that follow we will try to explore why businesses should make an attempt to become big and explore ideas to attain size.
Opportunity and action drive an enterprise. Business leaders

How to build an audience?

The secret is to make or do something remarkable and then put some effort into taking the word out.
If you are like me always digging for more, here are some details.
First, why build an audience?…
- Because you

Signs of opportunity

Andrey Ternovskiy is a 17 years old high-school student from Moscow, Russia.
He created ChatRoulette in November 2009. It is a website for random video chat. Around the beginning of March 2010, Ternovskiy estimated the site to have around 1.5

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