Triple your productivity in 1 day


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Want to be more efficient, work on basics. Leave complex and embrace simple.

Simple may not always be easy but it is easier to believe in simple than in complex; and belief pushes you to take action. Now let us explore how two simple ideas when implemented will multiply your productivity manifold.

Action Item 1. Start early and utilize first 2 hours of the day.

Action Item 2. Work with a timer and break main projects into a series of mini-tasks.

If you are already using 4×4 then see your daily 4 hour slot as made up of two 2-hour slots.

Let us dig into some details.

1. Start early and utilize first 2 hours of the day.

If you work in an office setting just see if you can drop in an hour early.

If you work in a self-directed environment then push yourself to start every day at a fixed hour; because if you do not do it you may find yourself spending hours on tasks that would have taken minutes if you had to go out and work.

Utilize first 2 hours of the day on really important tasks. Important does not always mean urgent. Tackle any (so-called) urgent tasks after this period.

There is a reason to work with a 2-hour slot. 1 hour is a little less for accomplishing something signifcant and it is hard to maintain supreme focus for 3-4 hours in a row; so 2 hours it is. Not any 2 hours but first 2 hours of the day. Also keep following in mind;

* No email, avoidable phone calls and disturbance during these two hours

* Get your tools ready the day before (If you need any ref. material arrange it a day before)

* Focus on doing 1 core task during this 2-hour period.

Do not loose the grip, be at it, day after day. This is the key.

2.  Break core tasks into mini-tasks and work with a timer.

Do something significant – read, write or analyzing code, work on a prospect list (for sales people); do something worthwhile depending on your work profile. Use your time in 20-minute slots. Though it is not etched in surface, you can go for 15 minutes or 22 minutes slot. Just try and see what works for you.

I have listed below how you can use 120 minutes to get 105 minutes of productive times.

Real Work (Minutes) Break (Minutes)
17 3
17 3
17 3
17 3
17 3
105 15

105 minutes of solid productivity. If you are able to repeat it once more later in the day; you will find yourself using 210 productive minutes (3:30 hours). This is more than most people achieve in an 8-10 hour work day.

You can start with it right now and see the difference it brings to how you finish projects and accomplish what you want.

Read it, take action and share what works for you. It will help us all.

If you already doing something similar then share how are you doing it?

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