Give wings to your dreams

As a kid I dreamt of becoming a business tycoon.
I also fancied becoming a film director, a professional shooter, a marine, a monk, preacher, a model, a singer, a hip-hop artist and a professional speaker (list continues…)…

Running after too many things?

Are you running after too many things at one go?
That is a sure fire recipe for disaster.
People doing start-ups, entrepreneurs are people with ideas.
They read, observe and find inspiration in unusual places. But there is a flip-side;

How to find success?

Most of us continue to chase success and some wait for it to surprise them. Listed below are 4 ideas that I think are better than chasing or waiting.
1. Start early…
The core benefit is lack of distractions.

What is social media?

I get asked this question often. This post is an attempt to answer the question.
Many of us think that Facebook is social media. Truth is that Facebook is a major social media application. Its impact is huge. Of 2.1 …

Take time to be still

We spend a lot of time moving – traveling to and from work, running errands, mingling with friends, family and colleagues; playing, working out and doing random chores.
Movement is good. It is a sign of life.
Our movement varies

Benefits of being unknown

People want success, many of us dream of becoming famous.
You may be unknown; but there may be a thought inside your head to become a celebrity. Have you ever thought, “What if my life was like (insert your …

Marketing is changing

Marketing warfare, Guerrilla marketing, Red-blue oceans; these terms ruled the corporate boardrooms for a long time. Now relationship is coming to the core and world needs a softer approach to marketing which includes more listening and implementing then telling people

Good learning mix

Learning is important.
It helps you gain perspective and also makes sure that you continue to grow.
A book …can be a great source of learning. It is an author’s year/s of effort and learning in condensed, portable and easily

How to break into a new field?

Are you planning to make a switch?
The fuel for your desire may be varied work, better money and work satisfaction, bigger challenges or faster growth. It can also be the lure of a sunrise industry or you are inspired

Better in 2011

Maya started her day as always. She woke up, went through the morning routine, ate breakfast – toast and a cup of tea; wore a black top, a black and white striped skirt; hopped on to the company bus and

Less than perfect

Nothing is perfect.
There is no perfect marketing plan, no perfect start up. There is (rarely) a dream debut; that is why it is called (dream) debut.
To break in a new field you may need to make a less

Getting Things Done in Time

Rachel (Boss) to the David (employee), “You said this work will be finished by weekend and today on Monday you are telling me that work is still not finished?”
David, “Sorry Rachel.”
Rachel, “What Sorry? Go finish what needs to

Lot to do, try batching

Less time, more work that is what people crib about most of the time.
Less time to sleep, eat (that is why the business of fast food is so successful) and less time to meet people in person; although there

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