How to Write a Book: Series for Aspiring Authors

This is a placeholder for all my guides for aspiring authors.


Here is the process you can use to quickly write a good book.

Write A Better Book, Fast!


Do you run a business? Here is how you can leverage your book to grow your business.

How To Grow Your Business By Becoming A Published Author


In 2019, authors need to think digital first when they get ready to publish their book.

Dancing With Digital: Why Digital and Mobile First Approach is Important for Growing Influence with Your Book


You also need project and time management skills along with creativity and knowledge to write a book and become a successful author. Having a writing coach might help.

There Is More To Writing A Book Than Creativity And Knowledge


A structure is important to turn a jumble of words into comprehensible prose. Here are some starting ideas for you.

5 Structure Ideas To Turn Your Word Dump Into A Book


You don’t need to write a long book to have a big impact or find huge success as an author.

The Length Of Your Book Will Not Decide Its Impact Or How Popular It Will Be


This is a longish and rather slow but almost sure shot process to write a good book. Going forward this is what I’ll point those who want to work with me through my guided author program, but are not ready to write a book – because they don’t have enough to say yet.

Follow Your Curiosity: To Become An Expert and Write a Book


This is a short post on how I completed the first draft of The Digital Marketing Handbook (my 2nd book / 400 pages) in little over a month.

How To Finish A Book-length Project Super Fast