From 24×7 to 4×4

4x4 lifestyle4×4 is a premise that world can use and have fun.

Since advent of internet we slowly started moving towards a 24×7 lifestyle. I sometime feel if human beings could somehow manage without sleep they would not even care to sleep. But you know that it is not humanly possible. So thankfully we sleep, get some rest and remain sane.

Many businesses exist today that would not have existed in pre-web era. Google is a prime example of a huge business based on the opportunity that web presented. No doubt web and connectivity helps us. Nobody could have imagined 20 years ago that so much information will be only a click away and that too for free. Though if you look deeper it is not free – there is no monetary exchange but we exchange our attention for the information we get and our attention is limited.

With this limited attention span situation; it was only time before somebody offered a solution to get our lives back from a 24×7 world. Tim Ferriss did that. He offered a solution through his widely popular “Four hour work week (FHWW)”. FHWW suggested that you work only for four hours or so in a week by using outsourcing as solution. FHWW is an interesting idea and most likely will pass test of time.

But we as human beings are mostly scared to jump in uncertain terrains. We are sacred of taking big leaps of faith. What I am suggesting is a middle path – a 4×4 approach to life. When you use this approach you need not outsource. You can do your own work, do the way you want it and still have time to live life to the fullest.

What is 4X4 – it is working 4 hours every day, 4 days a week. Rest of the time you can put to best use as you think is right for you. It is for people who are looking for a way out – who are not ready to convert to FHWW yet. In the end you may convert or become a 4×4 triber for life or as long it suits you.

It is simpler than it looks. If you are somebody who works 9×5 then you will usually take 30 minutes to settle in, 30 minutes for water cooler chit chat, 1 hour for lunch and another 1 hour for coffee, tea, smoke, toilet or whatever breaks. So in a usual 8 hour work day you are already doing only 5 hours of real work.

In a 4×4 situation, you commit to work only 4 hours a day, 4 days a week – with a fixed start and end time. When you know that you are working on a 4 hour day then you will be more energetic, focused and productive. Just cut the breaks to a minimum in this 4 hour period. Make this time either your pre or post lunch time – so no much lunch breaks. You should keep three 5-minute breaks. Chances are that you will accomplish more in a 4 hour work day than in your 8-hour (on face, but 5 hours actually) work day.

Paulo Coelho already does this. He spends mornings doing the stuff that he loves – archery and a walk on the beach and likes. It is only in the afternoon that he connects to the world.

You owe it yourself to give this a try. You will be happy having tried this and may be one day thank me for having shared this with you.

To a good life for all.

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