Friends and Happiness

This post is dedicated to friendship and the joy it brings into one’s life.

Life passes through many stages. We come into this world knowing nothing about it. Initially mother is a human being’s window to the world. During early years family is the most important unit for a person. Then, in young age, friends become the center of life for most of us, before a person moves into family mode gain.

But if you look close enough then we always are with friends. A person’s mother, friends at school, father, siblings, and spouse – at some stage of life – each one of them is like a friend. By a friend I mean someone who trusts, loves, and at times fights with you – without being selfish. You are the best judge on who fits the bill.

True friendship cannot be bought. Consider yourself lucky if you are blessed with it. It is an amazing feeling unlike any other. Whether you realize or not –having a true friend can benefit you immensely. Just check the ideas below about the benefits of having a true friend in your life.

Talk about anything: No doubt meaningful conversations are very important and contribute to our happiness. But at times, it is good to do small talk. It is not possible to engage in small talk with everybody. With a good friend it is simple. Your friend knows you very well. There is nothing to hide and no need to think much before you speak. You can be yourself and talk about the latest movie, weather or anything you please. Once in a while you may engage in meaningful conversations. The switch with a friend is really easy.

Enjoy strong relationships: Your friends are the people you trust most. Surely more than somebody who is just an acquaintance or a stranger. You already have a strong bond with your friend; it only improves as the time passes. Key is keeping in touch; if you are not doing it then try to re-connect. This will make your relationships even stronger.

Enjoy natural joy and less stress: Being in company of your friends bring out the natural you and fills your heart with joy. In case of a negative event in your life, your friends act as a buffer. You can share your thoughts and seek support at times when you feel emotionally weak. You feel relaxed because somebody has listened to you and acknowledged your thoughts and ideas.

Most of us have support functions in life. Some people meditate; others go out for a walk and talk to themselves trying to find a solution. There may be situation where you are just sad for a reason that you do not now. Good to go with friends in such times.

Help you spend your time well: There are times in a day when you will feel bored. The usual solution will be to switch on the TV or music system or log onto your computer. It is better to call or be with a friend and discuss what matters to you both.

Re-live good old days: These days we mostly communicate online – with less of face to face interactions. In other 5, 10 or 15 years, our lives will be automated further.  It will be worthwhile to go out with a friend. You can just feel how it will be to visit your school, college that you attended and reminisce about old days. I am sure it brought a smile to your face.

Learn the art of conversation: They say “Charity begins at home”. If you are an introvert or a shy person then start with your friends. Hone your conversation skills and do well at work. Talk deeply with your colleagues, clients and you will see the difference.

So go out and talk to your friends. Do not make being busy an excuse; because as my good friend says – We live only once. Then why not live it to the fullest. Think about it!

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