Entrepreneurs and Farmers

If you think about it, a farmer and an entrepreneur are both similar in many ways. While I was writing this also noticed some differences – listed those below.

What is same?

A Farmer An Entrepreneur
Sows a seed Comes up with an idea
Plants seed in a field Idea is planted in human mind
Waters the field and adds manure/fertilizer to create right environment for the seed to grow Applies skills, and brings the idea to life by using resources, and power of network etc
Waits and nurtures Waits and nurtures
When required seeks advice from elders (experts) When stuck reaches out to mentors and those who have done it before
Has access to better tools and sources of information (all of it has made farming easier than ever) Has cheaper technology, tools and a level playing field more than ever (today if you have an idea, you can launch a startup sitting in a chair without moving)
Can choose right soil, location (geography), quality of seed and ensure better output Can choose right clusters, technology and team to increase chances of success

What is different?

A Farmer An Entrepreneur
Has a simple learning curve Has a complex learning curve
Needs to sow seeds on a regular basis (every year or once every six months) May spend years, decades even nurturing and building on a single idea
Tackles fewer variables (weather, quality of seed) Comes across more variables (market, competition, quality of resources, timing)
Expects normal results ( and normal growth) Can expect exponential growth
Works in an environment where results are mostly predictable Works in a space where results are unpredictable

Which one would you like be (if not already doing something similar)?