Whose Baby It Is?

Being a founder can be frustrating.
A big founder frustration is that employees or in some cases co-founders do not care as much as them.
This frustration is unrealistic because no one can love a baby more than her mother…

Life Is A Race

There are two forces at play here.
Agility and persistence.
Agility and strength make us go fast. Persistence gets us to play long.
There are those among us who can go fast. There are others who can play long.

Don’t Set Arbitrary Goals

We often set arbitrary goals.
Such goals are random and usually based on a personal whim, and there is no reason or logic to why we set them except that these goals seem right and get us excited.
One arbitrary…

Designing Your Life

We should think about designing your life as much or more as we think about our boss, career and job. In this article you can read more on how to go about without sacrificing your ambitions or relationships.

Stillness and Inertia

One is quality.
Other is a tendency to not move or do nothing.
Stillness brings serenity.
Inertia and inaction breed anxiety and fear.
Stillness is worth cultivating and practicing.
Inaction is something to avoid and abhor.
Stillness becomes easy…

Cold Emails For Warm Connections

Reaching out and building connections is a powerful way to grow. Cold emailing people you admire and want to work with is one the best tactics to put this strategy to work. Learn more in this post how I used cold emails to build connections and grow my business.

Watch Out for Bouts of Procrastination

A procrastinator is a person who habitually puts off doing things. There is a procrastinator is all of us because of how we have evolved. In this article I take a deeper look at how we can win this battle of logic over instinct if only for a smart part of the day.

Living Your Dreams

Your skills, a solid plan, and consistent action with intensity is a sure shot way to find success and to live your dreams. Learn more in this article.