Shipping Matters! More Than We Think.

Naval Ravikant, AngelList co-founder and investor in companies like Uber and Twitter, thinks shipping is super important for startup success.
Naval is not the only one who thinks so.
Steve Jobs famously said, “Real artists ship.” 
Seth Godin is also…

You are the CEO

You are the CEO of YOU.
Life does not put on you in this role abruptly. It gives you enough time, care, love, mentoring and natural situations like challenges and conflicts to practice the art of living.  Life gives you…

Unfinished Business

Every day you do what needs to be done.
You work on ongoing important and not so important stuff.
But there are certain items that fall through the cracks because there are limited hours in a day. It may be…

One Benchmark To Elevate Your Work

Steven Spielberg watches ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ before filming every new movie. He says it reminds him what a job well-done looks like.
Instead of relying on several movies he has one that he considers the benchmark for excellence. This is…