How To Be More Productive By Working Less

This is not the advice on how to become more productive that you see everyday. In this article, you'll find one approach that allows you to be productive while working less, and four examples of entrepreneurs and authors who used this approach to be productive and successful.

How To Become A Millionaire

You are interested in how to become a millionaire? More than anything it is about the mindset and our habits. This article sheds light of these two and suggest how you can become a millionaire.

Never Take Advice From Them

Advice is cheap. Anyone can give it. You should me mindful of who to take it from. Take advice from those who have walked on your path before. And never from well meaning people limited in their thoughts and dreams. Learn more in this post.

Mind Your Own Business

To grow and be at peace within we need to stay in our own lane, we need to mind our own business. How do you that? By not giving a shit to what others are up to and marching to the beat of your own drum.

Thoughts On Doing The Work

We waste a lot of time online. Our time online is often disguised as work. If you need to do important work, you need to create a system that keep you in 'doing the work' mode longer than 'i am online pretending to work' mode.