Mastery Before Marketing

We live in times when people care about marketing more than they care about getting good at what they do.
They start thinking about promoting even before making something worth other people’s time.
What if we choose to master what…

Curating Our Environment

Our environment can make or break us.
That is why we need to choose it wisely.
Places and people make our environment.
And, often we accept what we are given or who we come across.
But we have the power…

Continuity in Relationships

Society is built on relationships. Families too.
Relationships also drive careers. 
And, a business that serves businesses can’t go far without a relationship with its customers.
Smart business owners know this and try to build a relationship with the customers.…

Dealing With Expectations

When people reach out asking for help I share what I think is the best advice for them.
Most of the advice I give is the advice I give to myself i.e. don’t slack, stay focused, make a plan and…

Being Happy Takes Effort

We are happy when we feel content and fulfilled.
Genes play a role but we also got to make an effort to be happy.
Being unhappy is much easier than being happy. Don’t take care of yourself, accept what you…

Bad Decisions Are Like Sunk Costs

A sunk cost is a cost that a business has already incurred, and which it can no longer recover. 
Pragmatic entrepreneurs don’t consider sunk costs when it comes to making new investments in a project since it is not possible…

Big Goals Do Not Need Big Effort

A big goal does not need big effort on a day to day basis.
You need rigor in planning, consistency in execution and support in areas where you are not an expert. When you do this you can achieve your…

Don’t Ignore Recovery

Culture of hustling pushes us to do more.
That is why when we work for long and compromise on sleep we feel good. We here is our ‘ego’ because the body won’t feel good if it is lacking sleep.

Keeping Relationships Alive

We are alone in birth and death but we don’t live alone.
At different times in our lives, we experience our relationships with parents, family, friends, acquaintances, and colleagues.
We live a part of our lives through these relationships. 

Short Long Work Cycles

Are you self disciplined and motivated?
Do you want to ship projects and move forward?
If the answer to these questions is yes, then you need to change your approach to work.
One efficient approach is not measuring your output…

No One Cares As Much As You Do

Are you a business owner?
If yes then what is it that annoys you the most about running a business?
I am sure it keeps changing from time to time but you must often think:
“My employees don’t care as…