Stop Existing Start Living

For most of us, our days are about getting by.
Because we have not experienced what a free life feels like. Maybe we did as a child but not for a long time now.
We take working for long work…

Keep Repeating Your Lessons

If you did something right once, will you do it right again?
No guarantee.
But you can be more sure about it based on how often you do the thing in question.
It is a mix of skills and behavior.…

MetaStable and PermanentlyStable Habits

Reading lifehacking articles online makes us believe that a successful and happy life is all about acquiring popular and seemingly beneficial habits like reading books, working out, sleeping for 8 hours, meditating and continuing with them.
We also like to…


Whether we like it or not, for most of us, many of our decisions are guided by prestige.
This seems spontaneous.
But it has a serious effect on how well we do in our professions but more importantly, on how…

Mental Reboot

When you reboot your laptop, all the processes in your RAM are wiped off, the RAM is cleaned up and then the computer makes a fresh start.
That allows it to work smoothly as compared to when their RAM is…