Action Without Purpose is Nothing

What do we accumulate wealth for?
What is the reason behind all the work that we put into our projects, jobs, and startups?
Is it a wild goose chase – the pursuit of something that we can’t achieve?
Or are…

The Magic of An Unfiltered Life

Earlier today I was chatting with a friend. Instead of sitting in a cafe we were sitting under the open sky. And, there were no filters in our discussion. It made all the difference. These days most discussions are filtered.…

Recording Your Thoughts

It takes time and effort to document your thoughts.
But it is a worthwhile exercise.
Because it allows you to look back at old times later and realize how things were at a particular moment in life.
If you…

Be Kind to Self

Back in 2013, Derek Sivers and I were working on our first book together. We had set a deadline and were working towards completing the book by then.
It was an in-depth, research-based book and took a lot of work.…

Act Like an Owner

Want to win hearts? Want to win at work? Want to create a winning career? Want to build a successful startup? Want a fulfilled life? A simple approach to everything you do may just be what you need for all…

Importance of a Right Hand Man

Do you have a right-hand man or woman? It helps if you want effortless growth in business or a stress-free life. If you want a person like that in your life, you need to be able to trust others or…

Margins In Life

It is exciting to live life on the edge.
But it is one thing to live on the edge for a short time and another to try and make a home there. It is neither practical nor efficient.
A better…