Effortless Networking

Writing and publishing online helps you organize your thoughts better.
It helps you stand out.
You can also learn a lot about anything by writing about it.
These are the obvious benefits.
But one of the less thought and big…

Keeping Commitments

To keep a commitment we need to show up.
We can only show up if we are willing to keep the commitment.
Having the will is okay, and is the starting point but showing up is what makes it work.…

Why Can’t We Sleep?

There are those who can’t sleep because they have insomnia or other sleep disorders.
A vast majority can’t sleep because they have internet.
The Internet opened the world to us but it also erased the boundaries between sleep and wakefulness.…

Avoiding Death Before We Are Dead

Most of us need to work every day to keep the wheels spinning, whether at a job or in our business.
This work goes on from morning to evening, leaving no room to learn.
It works until it doesn’t. When…

Riding The Wave

Hubspot became an $8 billion (in market cap) company by riding the inbound marketing wave.
For a long time, the company’s pitch was that by creating useful content often you can get more people to find out about you, trust…

Importance of a Pacer in Life

A pacer in running helps other runners maintain a steady pace.
For this, she has to run at a steady pace for long distances. She has to be a good runner herself.
People in other fields also can get a…

Two Kinds of Doubts

When we are in doubt, we experience a feeling of uncertainty or lack of conviction.
During the journey of life, we experience many doubts.
Today I want to discuss two of these doubts.
There is a kind of doubt that…

How To Make Good Things Happen

For good things to happen in life, you need to create space in your mind for them first.
Legend has it that JK Rowling got the “fully formed” idea for Harry Potter while she was on a four-hour-delayed train trip…

Are You Fine With The New Normal?

The normal keeps changing.
That is how we come to the new normal.
There was a time when we downloaded stuff on our computers and kept it there. The cautious ones among us backed the data on physical hard drives.…

Seeking Change

Seeking change is not normal.
But it is better than accepting change.
Because whether you like it or not the change is upon us.
We don’t know in what shape, or at what time it will appear but it will…

Create Room For Aspirations

Our aspirations are small promises that we make to ourselves.
They emerge inside our heads.
Too many aspirations all at once inside our heads can bog us down.
If we start feeling the pressure of our aspirations, we can leave…

The Choices We Make

We choose one thing over others, many times in our lives.
Network over friendships.
Revenue over profits.
Work over leisure.
Taste over health.
Entertainment over sleep.
Plastic over the paper.
Packaged over fresh. Intensity over moderation.
Anger over love.