Relationship or Revenues? What about Both.

When growing a business, revenues and relationships are both important.
It is tough for someone starting out because oftentimes to build trusted professional relationships you need to give before you can take.
And, for mindful giving of ideas, you need…

How to Convert More of Your Leads to Sales

Inbound requests and referrals are great for business growth.
But they can have a greater impact on your business if you converted more of them.
The inbound leads and referrals definitely some level of trust capital built-in. But it does…

Extraordinary Achievement

It is not tough to be an achiever.
You can do it without burning the midnight oil.
But extraordinary achievement takes a little more than that. To do that one needs a constant application of skills and time, and unending…

How To Deal With Ungrateful People

I met someone today.
This person asked for some help which she could not have gotten from anywhere else at that point.
I made a small sacrifice and helped her out.
Later she wrote a story and mentioned what I…

Shortcuts That Work

Most of us don’t like using tech.
We use it because it seemingly makes our life easy. If it wasn’t the case most of us won’t use it. I won’t.
Whether you are among those who like tech or you…