Who Will You Become This Year?

It’s way easier to not have a new year resolution than to have one.
Because when we do not resolve to achieve something there is no fear of failure.
It is safe to tell our friends that we don’t…

My Commitment to You for 2019

This tweet by Barack Obama got me thinking. This is very much in line with what I want to do.
Year after year, I have thought about it and have written about it in my annual reviews and plans.

My 2018 Annual Review

Well, friends, it is that time of the year again. Time to share my 2018 Annual Review with you. I do this review at the end of each year, as a note to self. More than that, this process allows

My 2017 Annual Review

In this review, I look back at important themes and actions that shaped 2017 for me. This is a personal exercise, not meant to compare my life to anyone else. I will be happy if it motivates you to write

Finding Your Path in 2014

(This post is 1st in a 8 post series on living a fuller life. A life where you and people around you are happy, feel in control and consistently tick items off your bucket list). So new year is here.…

Thank You

Just wanted to say a quick thanks to you and all the readers here. I’m always constantly amazed by how smart, driven, and overall cool the people I meet and connect with are here. I have many updates to share…