Success Follows Fulfillment

Have you seen how articles with topics like ‘3 things successful people do every morning’ become popular on social platforms?
A lot of people tend to read them because they are on the lookout for success formulas.
There is no…

Should You Write a Book?

After I wrote my first book, I started suggesting people I met that they should write a book.
I figured anyone who liked writing, wrote reasonably well and had a decent level of expertise in one or more things, could…

Symbols Are Powerful

In both a good and bad way.
They can act as a guide for someone on a spiritual path.
Like Christ, Muhammad, Buddha are all symbols of a human at the peak of his game.
They can also trick people…

You Can Become Great

If you choose to put in the work.
If you pick one thing to get good at before going after a shiny new object. To find that one thing you may have to go through 2-3 or more things first.…

Erase to Focus

A new day is a new beginning.
It’s nature’s way of telling us to start afresh.
But we often don’t feel the excitement that comes with a new beginning, at the start of a new day.
Have you thought about…

Dream, Resolve and Act

We all dream.
But only a few of us resolve to do something ie they decide firmly on a course of action.
Then a much smaller number of people actually take action on what they resolved to do.
That is…

How to Rest Well

Rest is important for renewal and recovery.
Most of us think of rest as lying down in bed, sleeping, or binging on Netflix.
But if you want to rest well and deep then consider the following types of rest for…