When Is A Project Done?

If someone else assigns you a project then there is a deadline to guide.
And, you push yourself to deliver by that time, knowing well that someone’s money and reputation is on the line.
But in case of self assigned…

One Of The Best Sales Strategies

Is to actually care for your customer’s goals.
To get into their shoes.
To see it from their perspective from where they stand.
And, agree to some of their demands not because you are less important than them but because…

Great or Just Well-Intentioned?

The world is full of well-intentioned people.
Who ‘intend’ to do things right but don’t do it after the initial euphoria wears down.
To be great we need to cross the bridge and turn intention into action.
Until that happens…

Simplify Life

Take what you repeatedly do at work or in life.
Now, list all the steps it takes to do that repetitive task.
Find a tool to automate a part of that. For example, if you need to move data from…

The Power Is In Your Hands

The time to be frustrated with a lack of opportunities is gone.
The time to say that others not allowing you to do what you want to, is gone.
It’s time to put yourself out there.
You don’t need anything…